Spring Fling Thing

By thirst. (other events)

Thursday, February 11 2016 7:00 PM 11:00 PM EDT

Winter (or not so much) blues got you down?

Join us in 2016 for an all-new thirst spring event!

What is thirst, you ask?

ThirstDC aims to create and foster thought leaders both on and off stage by crafting an informal environment where world renowned experts socialize, interact with, and inspire attendees in a lounge atmosphere.

Instead of the traditional lecture format where you sit and listen, we let you choose your own involvement: Want full engagement? Sure thing, you sexy beast! Sit up front and listen. Wanna flirt, drink, and listen? Gotcha. Stand or sit at the side tables at your leisure. You just wanna full-on network and drink while admiring the speakers from afar? Sweet-Baby Darwin and Wallace, we love that! Come stand by the bar and DJ booth and get to some nerdy cross-pollination!

Booze, nerdery, dancing*, learning, fun to be had by all.

Doors @ 7, Talks @ 8:30

Speaker Lineup:

  • thirst for culture: Julie Fooshee (@ocaptmycapt), MIT Museum/Science Festival Alliance - Choose your electives carefully and other stories of cultural careers.
  • thirst for aquarius:  Michael “Mike” Heithaus (@mikeheithaus), Florida International University - Marine scientists work best under pressure.
  • thirst for scidentity 2: Raquell Holmes (@raquellholmes), Improvscience - What's your scicomm sign?
  • thirst for storied science: Ben Lillie (@benlillie), StoryCollider - Think science is hard? Try telling a story about it.
  • thirst for what's out there: Lauren Worley (@spacelauren) - Let’s all go where no one has gone before. But also where we have gone before. 

*bring-your-own-dancing clause in effect



Mailing Address

6620 Castle Bar Ct, Alexandria, Virginia 22315