thirst. Spring has Sprung (Doors 6pm, Talks 7pm)

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Thu, May 16 2013 6:00 PM EDT Fri, May 17 2013 12:00 AM EDT

Come nerd with us May 16!

Doors 6pm, Talks start at 7pm

It's time to share inebriated smiles, your hot dance moves, and sexy ideas both on stage and off. Join the thirst community of geekery May 16 at the #nerdyhot brand-new Black Whiskey and we promise to bring you the best in curated ideas both sciencey and beyond.


  • Jon Arroyo: Chief Mixologist, Founding Farmers -  on crafting taste for the masses and massing taste for the crafty.
  • Tim Bailey: CFO, Yuri's Night - making sure support staff make it into space along with hero astronauts, cuz someone's gotta tend bar or cut hair.
  • SM Shrake: Founder of Story League - on the science of the dark arts of the Garden Gnome.
  • Kathryn Verona - Lady Gaga vs. the Peacock Shrimp, round one.  Also, f-ing honey badgers!
  • Darcy Gentleman: thirst. Director of Speaker Preparation - Science of sweet, love, & failure - Rome wasn't built in a day, but can a sweet tooth bring it down?

This is thirst. We build communities of exceptionally creative people in the loungey environment you love, and we want you to increase the awesomeness...sober or not ;)

All we ask in return is that you be utterly fascinating.


Doors @ 6pm

Event 7pm-midnight



Mailing Address

6620 Castle Bar Ct, Alexandria, Virginia 22315