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Sunday, March 25 2012 1:00 PM 4:00 PM EST
Our nerdy team here at thirst is proud to share a few of the things we love, booze, brunch, and learning, with the stellar personalities at Uncurbed DC. thirst promotes unconventional ways of learning, and what better way than to tickle a neuron than to first feed it from DC's best food trucks and drown it in beer.

Ticket Includes:

1. Admission to this nerdy adventure

2. Brunch choice from Grid Waffles

a. "Nitty Griddy" - Nutella, Bananas, Whip
b. "Forgridden Love" - Red Velvet Waffle, Cream Cheese Frosting, Strawberries, Whip

3. Two drinks tickets for a mimosa, sangria, or beer!

Simon Owens
The Director of Editorial at JESS3, a creative agency specializing in data visualization. Over the past few months he's worked closely with Google to visualize and share its data around the 2012 elections. Next month, he starts as an assistant managing editor at US News & World Report, where he'll work to drive online reader engagement to the magazine's news properties. As a journalist, his writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Harvard University's Nieman Lab, Forbes, PBS, and The Next Web.

Eric Schulze
A molecular biologist with a penchant for innovative communication, both visual and verbal. He is an expert on scientific communication, embryonic stem cells, and bacon. After completing his PhD in Los Angeles, Eric moved out to DC and realized quickly that people really need to re-learn how to learn. In his personal time, Eric created, organizes, and emcees the popular social experiment for nerds and geeks alike, thirst DC, which has garnered national attention from the likes of The Smithsonian Institution, AAAS, and numerous blogs and magazines. thirst DC challenges how people learn, and Eric applies his unique nerdery and communication skills to politicos, fashion designers, artists, and scientists every month on stage. He is also a freakishly tall Ginger.

Gregg Deal
A 13-year resident of the DC area, is an artist that is constantly pushing the mold of art through contemporary mediums. From his time immersed in the 90’s as a graffiti and street artist, to his training as a fine art painter to the technical world of graphic design and sign making, Gregg marries all of his experience into an incredibly self informed work that is humorous, insightful and comments on the social aspects of the world he lives. Working primarily in paint on surfaces from wood to canvas to glass like acrylic, he is a master at portraiture, and uses animals as well as typography to create work that speaks to anyone willing to engage it. While his work takes on a roll of irony and humor, it has a sense of drama and social commentary that can’t be missed. He is a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, a husband and a father, and he is coming about as a prolific and impactful artist in the DC area.

Jason Edward Tucker
"A nomadic west-coaster, Jason Edward Tucker, focuses on challenging the gaze through a concealment and confounding of the spectacle of gender and constructed identity. His work is both fixed and performative, and advocates for the idea that gender and external identity are both performances - a series or system of repetitive actions honed by centuries of imposed social precedents. One rarely feels more like oneself than from behind a mask."

DJ Yorker
A dance music DJ who's influences range from Baltimore Club to Moombahton. A nerdster who truly is passionate about the music and lifestyle

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