thirst. Aug. 25

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Thu, Aug 25 2011 7:00 PM EST Fri, Aug 26 2011 2:00 AM EST
How thirsty are you, Nouveau Nerd? You wanted to learn differently, and thirst DC gives it to you monthly. Instead of the traditional lecture format where you sit and listen, we let you choose your own involvement: Want full engagement? Sure thing, you sexy beast! Sit up front and listen. Wanna flirt, drink, and listen? Gotcha. Stand or sit at the side tables at your leisure. You just wanna full-on network and drink while admiring the speakers from afar? Sweet-Baby Darwin and Wallace, we love that! Come stand by the bar and DJ booth and get to some nerdy cross-pollination!

The best part: You can switch up your involvement as you please. No stinking locked-in-your-chair for you! You're the Nouveau Nerd, and you choose which speakers get your social media love! (Plus, we all know you want to grab that hottie nerd's number!).

Must be 21+

Mailing Address

6620 Castle Bar Ct, Alexandria, Virginia 22315